We began 2019 realigning ourselves with truth--things that are true.  First,


God is a God who cares--Isa. 40


God is a God of infinite power and wisdom


God gives His strength to us, Isa. 40


God has a plan for the world--and it involves you, Rom. 8



We are in a spiritual battle, part 1



We are in a spiritual battle, part 2



|We are in a spiritual battle, part 3






Community Labor Day Service, 2019





From jail, Paul writes a letter to encourage, give hope and joy to all believers in every circumstance.


Psalm 23 is comforting because it lists all the things that God, as the Good Shepherd, does for His sheep.  Psalm 100 is about what the sheep do in response toward the Good Shepherd.



Mission Fest


Heather Gieck came to share the ministry of Healing House in Jefferson City, a Christ center recovery program.  Heather shares how Jesus transformed her life and how He is using Healing House to change the lives of others. 





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