Building a home--spring 2017


Just like no one builds a house without a blueprint--neither should you try to build a home without a blueprint. Between Mother's Day and Father's Day we well be looking at God's blueprint for the home.




Building a home according to God's plan



May 14--A Woman's Character, 1 Peter 3

May 21--God's Blueprint for the Home, Dt.6

May 18--Life lessons--Handling Money, selected proverbs

June 4--Life lessons--Controlling the Mouth, proverbs

June 11--Life lessons--Morals, proverbs

June 18--A Man's Character, 2 Peter 1




Building a God Blessed Home, 2020


Mother's Day, 2020--Deut. 6  God's plan for the parents

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 May 17, 2020--Encouragement

makes a huge difference

3 John 

The Christian life is a unique life--

lived by faith and lived to please God. 

Enjoy the message from Hebrews 11:6

The Christian life requires that we care about the well being of our spiritual family.  

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